Freshly roasted coffee beans by Double Roasters

We have partnered with Double Roasters to bring our customers the Flight Path blend of coffee. Its chocolate and caramel body best suits milk based espresso drinks.

Roasted to a medium dark finish, it will display a full rounded smooth coffee yet punchy and strong. Notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar, hazelnuts and light acidity.

The blend contains beans sourced from Central and South America. A three bean blend allows for a consistent “front”, “middle” and “back” pallets in the cup.

Double Roasters have a simple philosophy of quality and consistency. This is the driving force behind their adoption of small batch roasting. Multi-phase roasting in 12 to 15kg batches, means each origin is roasted individually to its own profile. The roasted beans are then blended as a separate process at which point they can be inspected, qualified and finally de-stoned. The process puts as much control as possible into Double Roasters very capable hands.

Flight path contains:Double Roasters Flight Path Blend

— El Salvador – washed
— Brazil – natural process
— Costa Rica – washed

Just ask Christophe if you’d like to buy a bag of these little beans for your own coffee machine at home.

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