Christophe's Bacon and Egg Roll

— Banana bread
— Raspberry and pear bread
— Raisin toast
— Smashed avocado on toast
— Bacon and egg roll
— Breakfast wrap: Chorizo, scrambled eggs, baby spinach and roasted capsicum
— Breakfast pie: Leg ham, egg, Swiss cheese and caramelised tomatoes
— Spreads on toast: Vegemite or peanut butter
— Toasties: Leg ham, cheese and tomato or make your own


Best Caeser Salad with fresh produce include anchovies

— Homemade pies including chunky beef burgundy or breakfast
— Homemade quiches inc leg ham, spinach, mushroom, roasted vegetables + caramelised tomatoes
— Homemade sausage rolls
— Chicken satay with rice
— Spicy meatball curry with rice
— Slow roasted boneless pork leg
— Soup available in winter
— Eggplant parmigiana
— Spicy salami and eggplant parmigiana
— Vegetable frittata
— Choice of Chicken
     Smokey thighs with soy and garlic
     Grilled chicken breast with garlic, chilli and cumin
     Marinated chicken teriyaki
     Stuffed chicken breast with ricotta and spinach
— Home baked lasagne
     Traditional beef
     Spinach and ricotta
— Choice of freshly prepared gourmet salads
     Chicken Caesar
     Quinoa, chick peas, baby spinach, roasted vegetables and lemon zest
     Kal eslaw with mint, coriander, parsley and zingy soy asian mayo
     Traditional Greek
     Fresh beetroot with crumbed feta
     Baby rocket, roma tomatoes, spanish onions + grated pecorino cheese
     Pesto pasta
     Asian couscous with chicken, coriander, mint and basil
     Roma tomatoes, fresh bocconcini and basil
— Choice of freshly cooked pasta
     Spaghetti bolognese
     Pumpkin and ricotta agnolotti
     Beef ravioli
     Veal tortellini boscaiola


Christophe's Gourmet Sandwiches

— Oven roasted turkey breast with French brie, cranberry sauce and lettuce
— Rare roast beef, tomato, onion, cheese, rocket salad and grain mustard
— Chicken schnitzel, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise
— Tuna, avocado, cucumber, onion and rocket
— Red salmon and sweet potato cake, cucumber, onion, lettuce and homemade ranch dressing
— Smoked salmon, creme fraiche, capers, cucumber and lettuce
— Semi-dried tomatoes, olive tapenade, tomato and boccincini, rocket and Swiss cheese
— Salami, tomato, onion, carrot, lettuce and sweet chilli sauce
— Leg ham, piccalilli, carrot, tomato and cheese
— Chilli garlic chicken, tomato, bocconcini, carrot, rocket and Dijon mustard
— Chicken, Caesar salad and Dijon mustard
— Roasted pork, kaleslaw with yoghurt dressing, carrot and chilli jam
— Shepherd’s pie, rocket salad, Dijon mustard and BBQ sauce

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